this is about me

this is about me.


i was raised
in a pyramid of power,
in a circle of hatred and violence.
driven by ego,
fuelled by fear.


i was raised
homophobic, transphobic, sexist,
racist, carnist, elitist, capitalist,

all these absolutisms
governed the development of my brain.
formed my cognitive and moral foundation,
my thought patterns,
my language.


all these absolutisms,
in their own unique ways,
eventually led to loneliness.


but i realized,
i am not alone.
this circle of hatred and violence,
surrounds many
from an early, malleable age.


it’s really hard to break out of it,
and really easy to stay stuck.
as it inherently isolates you.


i was stuck
for 30 years…


with the help of others,
the help of my educations,
and my travels,
physical and metaphysical,
real and virtual,
i wanna believe,
that i was able to break out of it.


for the most part, at least.
it’s hard to judge.
and growth never ends.


but i already feel better,
for it.
not always,
as the enhanced sense of empathy
makes you feel the pain and injustice
around us all
so much more.


but when you also feel the love and compassion
between us all
so much more,
you know what you’re here for.
you know why to endure the pain.


i want to help others
reach that point.


henceforth, all my art,
all my life,
will be dedicated to
helping others
reach that point,
or helping others
help others
reach that point.


earth is a big club.
life is a big party.
and i want everyone to feel invited.


this is not about me.


this is about us.

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