ego vs. eco

ego is poison.
family is antidote.
if we all are a healthy family, certain members can be weak sometimes, without a problem.
cherish others FOR their weaknesses AND their strengths.
show your vulnerability.
when you feel like crying, cry.
don’t let it stew, don’t let it turn into violence.
show that you can’t always be strong.
and when you are, it is for them.
even if it is for you, it is for them.
because we are integral parts of each other’s lives and therefor each other!
try to show your love to every member of the family. unless you are becoming too tired or too obsessive or too pushy, cuz it might drain them too, and put them off. but even if so, don’t take it personal. try to understand where they’re coming from. be respectful and mindful of their limits as well. listen to them.
it’s okay to take breaks. breathe. do it in your own way.
and if you’re starting to feel agitated look one of your family members in the eyes.
look at each other.
work together.
get up early in the morning and try to work with others during the day.
and when you go to bed at night, don’t think too much. that’s when you are closest to being alone. thats when we get scared. that’s where the monsters lurk. close your eyes and be sure you will see at least one of your family members the next day. sometimes that will make you see things.
some call them voices. listen to them.
some call them dreams.
some call them ghosts. look at them.
i call it feeling our connection.
sensing the web. our entanglement.
history and future converging in you.
the link between worlds.
the link between us.
it can come and go. if it comes, go ahead and use it for yourself.
it’s a fine line.
don’t expect it too much.
just know it can be. it is an act of balance. when you’re on the right tracks you will feel the shivers. you will get better at it. if it goes, don’t fall into disappointnent. don’t try to bruteforce it, don’t try to artificially trigger it with substances and mechanical stimuli.
although some things might seem to get you close. enjoy these things for what they really are: celebration of humanness. not substitutes for humans. you will become reliant on them and it will push you away from what you really need: the human drug.
when you lie in bed, try to anticipate next time like a pure child. try to be sure there’s always a light that will shine for you. i am here. we are here. there’s always someone. to shine for you. and for you to illuminate.
they equally anticipate you.
they show it when they smile.
try to smile, try to look them in the eyes.
but don’t blame those who can’t.
you know how it is.
don’t think you’re better.
one’s not worth more than the other.
we’re all the same.
fuck ego.
love family.
do it for them.

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